Our Workshops

Our Workshops

All workshops offered in Newton Centre and Winchester


Basics of Writing

Workshops for 6th-8th graders and 9th-12th graders

Course Objectives

This six-week course helps students master the rules of grammar and learn how to write an effective paper. Topics include the art of summarizing, how to structure an essay, paragraph development, creating a thesis, and the basics of editing an essay. Students will leave the course with a polished essay.

Students will learn

  • How to create, construct, and defend a thesis statement

  • The fundamental rules of grammar

  • How to give and receive feedback

  • How to give an effective oral presentation

  • Skills to help them with high school and college English


Grammar & Vocabulary

Workshops for 6th-8th graders and 9th-12th graders

Course objectives

This four-week course teaches grammatical principles that, once mastered, quickly elevate a writer’s prose. Topics include active and passive verbs, subject and verb agreement, punctuation basics (comma versus semicolon versus colon), and pronoun use.

Students will learn

  • The 10 most important grammar rules for writers

  • The 200 most commonly used words on the SAT